Cross Reality provides unique multiplayer VR gaming turn-key solutions for arcades and entertainment venues. Its proprietary CRES™ platform, which includes hardware (VR headsets & servers) and software (games & customer management), turns any 100m² space into a virtual gaming arena with up to ten players simultaneously.

The company was founded in 2018 when the company created a bespoke three-player VR game and sold it together with associated hardware to trampoline parks in Sweden. This unique VR experience quickly created an enormous demand from park visitors and was often fully booked. Since then the company has focused on expanding its offering and is now offering a ten-player turn-key solution for any venue looking to expand into high-tech entertainment experiences.

The CRES™ fully-automated platform is easy to manage and can be operated by one staff for a throughput of up to 40 players per hour, providing a uniquely high ROI based on the upfront investment and limited 100㎡ area needed. The target audience is broad and the different VR experiences are built to attract age groups between 8 – 99 years, although the main target group is typically between 8 – 24 years. The company is providing an ever-increasing catalogue of VR games that its customers can automatically access and offer to their visitors.

The virtual arena can transform any 100m² empty space into a fully interactive VR experience zone, without expensive installments. The system is suitable for indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, laser arenas, cruise ships, hotels and other tourist locations or basically anywhere there is a 100㎡ empty space.

We use free to roam wireless technology which means there’s no longer a need for players to carry heavy equipment or computers, allowing freedom of movement. Exchangeable batteries allows nonstop play.




  • Easy to operate & quick installation (plug and play). Everything runs through Cross Reality’s own created CRES™ platform which has a user-friendly control panel. Hardware and software for 10 players is included (+ 2 extra headsets). Free to roam wireless technology means there’s no longer a need for players to carry heavy computers or heavy equipment, allowing freedom of movement.
  • Operators can adopt a high-volume quick play revenue model or integrate the team-based games into birthday party packages.
  • Customized game aspects experience to suit your business. Quickest ROI – 10 player throughput = ROI in months!
  • ”One stop shop rack” for charging and storing the hardware …on wheels Exchangeable batteries allows nonstop play.
  • Cross Reality will provide your company with a social media-friendly marketing kit.


Cross Reality International AB
Lilla Nygatan 3
211 38 Malmö, Sweden

Patrik +46 736 150 360
Marie +46 708 725 248
E-mail: info@crossreality.se