New investors strengthen Cross Reality

Virtual Reality delevoper Cross Realiy, based in Malmö, Sweden, is proud to present its new investors and partners: investment company Stockforsa Invest and Erik Andersson, who is a member of the Board of Directors at Mellby Gård. With their support, Cross Reality will delelop new titles for its location-based VR system C.R.E.S. as well as installing the system for more customers in Sweden and Scandinavia.

–Apart from us getting more money to grow our business, attracting such notable investors is a confirmation of our promising concept. We see how more and more customers want to install our systems because of the fast ROI we can offer, so in order to meet the demand we need to hire more programmers. Not only gaming arcades observe the added value of a VR system, for example we recently made a demonstration at a large conference center, Cross Reality CEO Patrik Zalewski says.

C.R.E.S. (Cross Reality Entertainment System) is a location-based virtual reality system for up to ten users simultaneously. The system is available in a stationary and a portable edition and is sold to for example gaming arcades, trampoline parks, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. A download platform enabling the user to download Cross Reality’s self-developed games is also available in the system. Five titles are currently available, with another two already being developed.

–Installing our VR system offers customers added value and an extra source of income for many different ventures. All they need is an empty space of at least 100 square meters, to be transformed into a virtual reality experience center. Starting up the portable system for the first time takes only 15 minutes, then all you need to do is to start playing, Patrik Zalewski says.