Cross Reality is a full range service provider of custom, large-scale Virtual Reality entertainment systems. The company was founded 2019 and our mission is to take location based multiplayer VR gaming to the next level!

Background…. We identified a huge demand of new modern entertainment experiances and couldn’t find any, so we created our own .

Our services range from uniquie software development to hardware installation and support of massive multiplayer areas. We work with a variety of systems
for high end simulations.

We create VR games suitable for location-based entertainment centers such as indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks , laser arenas, Cruise ships, Tourist locations and basically anywhere there is a 80 m2 empty space.
The arena can transform any empty space into a fully interactive VR experience zone.

We use Free to roam wireless Technology which means there’s no longer a need for players to carry heavy computers or heavy equipment, allowing freedom of movement. Extended battery life allows several sessions of play before the need to swap and recharge.