Cross Reality Celebrates Collaboration with Malmö Stad at Vinterspelen!

After their enthusiastic participation at the winter holiday event Vinterspelen, Malmö-based VR company Cross Reality is continuing their collaboration with Malmö Stad. “It is an honour to be part of such a dynamic and community-driven event”, says Cross Reality employee André.

Cross Reality is excited to contribute to the continued success of Vinterspelen as their commitment to providing innovative solutions aligns seamlessly with the spirit of Vinterspelen’s fantastic initiative. The collaboration has been a testament to the shared vision of creating memorable and engaging experiences for all participants.

Additionally, Cross Reality is thrilled to showcase their portable VR system C.R.E.S., which they call simplicity and entertainment combined. According to Cross Reality, setting up the C.R.E.S. is as easy as 1, 2, 3, thus making it the perfect addition to events like Vinterspelen. Players can easily immerse themselves in a world of fun and the user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for the operators.

Cross Reality is looking forward to continued success and shared achievements at Vinterspelen and beyond.

For more information:

Patrik Zalewski, CEO and Co-founder, Cross Reality AB

Phone: +46 736-150 360



Cross Reality is a Malmö-based company that develops and sells location-based virtual reality systems for entertainment. Cross Reality’s entertainment system, C.R.E.S., includes a subscription model with several in-house developed games for up to ten participants and is also open to third-party providers. C.R.E.S. is available in a portable version and is sold to entertainment centers, amusement parks, hotels, fairs, conferences, and other entities that have the potential to create a VR area for their customers or employees. Currently, installations are present in Malmö, Helsingborg,  as well as in the countries Finland, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, France, and Germany.

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