Cross Reality establishes European sales network

Press release

Malmö, June 20th, 2023

VR company Cross Reality, based in Malmö, Sweden, is currently establishing a presence in several countries in South-East Europa through a company, KehaRing LLC, based in Kosovo. KehaRing will also represent Cross Reality in Switzerland, Austria, Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Shortly, Cross Reality plans on covering all of Europe – and further – through a network of distributors, retailers and agents.

KehaRing CEO Afrim Pllana sees big opportunities to establish Cross Reality’s location based VR system C.R.E.S. (Cross Reality Entertainment System) in his native country as well as in nearby countries. Utilizing the portable version of C.R.E.S., he will now demonstrate the system for several local enterprises, foremost shopping malls and experience centers.

–We have a plan for each country and have already booked several customer demonstrations, but Kosovo is set to be the pilot market. The goal is to establish a community for our customers in different countries so they can help each other to increase their revenue with our products and in turn grow our demand, Afrim Pllana says.

Cross Reality already has made several installations in Sweden and Finland, with representation in France and Poland as well. The company also recently announced its first sale in Saudi Arabia. More partnerships and sales are expected to be announced shortly.

–Our systems must be demonstrated in order for the customers to experience just how easy they really are to install and operate and the portable version enables us to visit their premises. Thus it is important to us to be represented in as many countries and parts of the world as possible, Cross Reality CEO Patrik Zalewski says.

For more information, please contact:

Patrik Zalewski, CEO and co-founder, Cross Reality AB

Phone: +46 736 – 150 360


Cross Reality, based in Malmö, Sweden, develops and sells location based virtual reality systems for entertainment. Cross Reality’s entertainment system C.R.E.S. includes a subscription model with several self-developed games for up to ten simultaneous players and is also open for third party software. C.R.E.S. is also available in a portable version and is sold to shopping malls, experience centers, amusement parks, hotels, fairgrounds, conference centers and many other enterprises with the ability to construct a VR space for customers or employees. Currently, installations have been made in Malmö, Helsinki, Helsingborg and Stockholm. For more information, please refer to