Cross Reality strengthens its presence in Finland


Malmö 29 August 2023

Malmö-based VR company, Cross Reality, has continued to expand its presence in the Finnish market through a recently concluded deal. The company has successfully sold a unit of its C.R.E.S – Cross Reality Entertainment System to the renowned event company, GR8, in Helsinki, solidifying its position as a reliable player in the country. This transaction represents the second successful sale to customers in Finland.

“We sought an exciting new attraction, and Cross Reality VR emerged as the ideal choice for us,” says Jesse Paldanius, GR8’s owner. “With our focus on company events, having managed over 1000 in Helsinki, we’re excited to introduce this fresh activity to our clients.”

Patrik Zalewski, CEO of Cross Reality, shares his enthusiasm about the positive development: “It’s always rewarding when our commitment yields positive results. We made our first installation in Finland at the turn of the year, and now we’re delighted that our second deal has materialized.”

During the spring and summer, Cross Reality has also expanded its international presence by establishing itself in diverse markets such as Saudi Arabia and Kosovo. These advancements highlight the company’s ability to adapt to varying market needs and underscore its dedication to offering its unique technology on a global scale.

Patrik further explains: “This year, we’ve actively explored different markets and worked on building an extensive network of distributors and partners. As a young company in a growing market, we aim to reach customers worldwide without the need for establishing numerous sales offices.”

To further promote its presence and showcase its groundbreaking system, Cross Reality will participate in the world’s largest amusement expo, IAAPA, taking place in Vienna from September 26th to 28th. This opportunity will allow the company to effectively present its innovative system and directly engage with stakeholders.

Patrik Zalewski, CEO and co-founder, Cross Reality AB

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Cross Reality, based in Malmö, Sweden, develops and sells location based virtual reality systems for entertainment. Cross Reality’s entertainment system C.R.E.S. includes a subscription model with several self-developed games for up to ten simultaneous players and is also open for third party software. C.R.E.S. is also available in a portable version and is sold to shopping malls, experience centers, amusement parks, hotels, fairgrounds, conference centers and many other enterprises with the ability to construct a VR space for customers or employees. Currently, installations have been made in Malmö, Helsinki, Helsingborg and Stockholm. For more information, please refer to