Press Release

Malmö June 14th, 2023

Swedish VR company Cross Reality has, for the first time, sold a Cross Reality Entertainment System to a customer in Saudi Arabia. The company now envisions the Middle East in general becoming a priority region when Cross Reality takes its first steps on the international market during the rest of the year.

–Of course, every deal is welcome, but this contact has also made us realize how big the demand of our products is in the Middle East. Several countries in the region have a flourishing tourist industry with many business travelers and corporate conferences, while the domestic market for VR entertainment is growing. Together, this makes the market highly interesting to us, Cross Reality CEO Patrik Zalewski says.

Earlier, Cross Reality has focused on the Swedish domestic market, but during the last few months, the company has started to look for international business opportunities and participated in the big VR conference Laval Virtual in France. During spring, the company has increased its international contacts and more deals are expected to be announced shortly.

–This year we are testing the waters in several different markets while building an international network of distributors and partners. We are a young company on a swiftly growing market, so we want to reach as widely as possible over the whole worlds without opening several offices on our own, Patrik Zalewski says.

Cross Reality already has made installations in Sweden and Finland, with representatives in France and Poland.

For more information, please contact:

Patrik Zalewski, CEO and co-founder, Cross Reality AB

Phone: +46 736 – 150 360


Cross Reality, based in Malmö, Sweden, develops and sells location based virtual reality systems for entertainment. Cross Reality’s entertainment system C.R.E.S. includes a subscription model with several self-developed games for up to ten simultaneous players and is also open for third party software. C.R.E.S. is also available in a portable version and is sold to shopping malls, experience centers, amusement parks, hotels, fairgrounds, conference centers and many other enterprises with the ability to construct a VR space for customers or employees. Currently, installations have been made in Malmö, Helsinki, Helsingborg and Stockholm. For more information, please refer to