Cross Reality

C.R.E.S VR System

Cross Reality offers a turnkey VR gaming system CRES™, especially made the location based entertainment industry.

Probably with the fastest ROI on the market.

Fast roi

Simple to use


Simple to operate

Fast install

Ready to use in one day

Up to 10 player

Added regularly

X7 exclusive games

Suitable for children & adults


C.R.E.S (10 players)

Our unique hardware & software platform CRES™ can turn any 100m² space into a virtual gaming arena with up to 10 players simultaneously.

Our system is reliable and stable with almost zero downtime. We focus on stability, high through put and fun games with a high replay value.

We offer both single player and multiplayer games so that your business can attract both bigger groups and drop in customer. Have 10 different customers play along as the walk in to your venue or have a group of up to 10 play together.

All this can be operated by one person.

Play Video

Power Bow

This game is included

Kazooki Battle

This game is included

Zombie Zone

This game is included

Watch your step

This game is included